Re: [QUESTION] about .git/info/grafts file

From: Andreas Ericsson <>
Date: 2006-01-20 00:44:15
Franck wrote:
> 2006/1/19, Andreas Ericsson <>:
>>I'm a bit curious about how this was done for the public kernel repo.
>>I'd like to import glibc to git, but keeping history since 1972 seems a
>>bloody waste, really.
> That's exactly my point. Futhermore make your downloaders import that
> useless history spread this waste.
> I guess kernel repo will encounter this problem in short term. It's
> being bigger and bigger and developpers may be borred to deal with so
> many useless objects.

Ach, no. The current kernel repo only has history since April 17 (around 
155 MB of objects, with less than optimal packing), when it started 
using git for versioning. The kernel repo also sees a lot of very rapid 

The full kernel tree, with history since 1991 or some such, is about 3.2 
GB. It was for this reason that the early history was dropped. I don't 
think another drop will be necessary any time soon, since incremental 
updates are fairly cheap over git and git+ssh. Only gitk suffers, but 
that's just for a short while.

> But I'm not saying that it's bad thing to keep
> that history. It just would be nice to allow developpers that don't
> care about old history to get rid of it.

You could ofcourse create a new repository with the files from the 
version you want, but then you'd have a hard time merging the two repos 
if you ever want to import the old history.

Linus; Is this what you did with the public kernel repo?

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