Re: Joining Repositories

From: H. Peter Anvin <>
Date: 2006-01-19 03:38:45
Mathias Waack wrote:
> Hello everybody, 
> we're using git with cogito as a frontend. For some reasons I forgot we have 
> some repositories which belong to the same project. To simplify the whole 
> thing I would like to join these repositories. It mainly means to move some 
> directories. So lets say I have: 
> 	/r1/.git
> 	/r2/.git
> and what I would like to have is
> 	/r/.git
> 	   r1
>            r2
> Of course the history should remain (otherwise it would be to easy). 
> How should I do this?

Rename the files in each repository independently (with a checkin), then 
merge the repositories.

Git *should* track across the rename, as long as it's "obvious".

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