Re: as promised, docs: git for the confused

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-12-09 08:53:16 writes:

> * Terminology - heads, branches, refs, and revisions
> (This is a supplement to what's already in "man git".)
> The most common object needed by git primitives is a tree.  Since a
> commit points to a tree and a tag points to a commit, both of these are
> acceptable "tree-ish" objects and can be used interchangeably.  Likewise,
> a tag is "commit-ish" and can be used where a commit is required.

I am unsure if we want to further confuse readers by saying
this, but technically, "Likewise, a tag which is commit-ish can
be used in place of commit".  Not all tags are necessarily
commit-ish.  v2.6.11 tag is tree-ish but not commit-ish for
example.  Typically, however, a tag is commit-ish.

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