Re: Wine + GIT

From: <>
Date: 2005-12-08 18:30:00
> The paragraph "Once you have finished editting [sic]..." needs
> to be followed by:
>	git-update-index those paths you hand corrected
>        git-commit

This is what happens when you have people too used to using the
pre-porcelain plumbing.

How about just
git-commit <the paths you hand corrected>

If you forget any, the commit will fail, but they will have been
updated in the index, and you don't need to mention them again in the
next attempt.

(Grump... I just noticed that the "recursive" merge stratgy *doesn't*
generate a merged file containing conflict markers, at least not in
the case I tried.  Instead I get "a~HEAD" and "a~branch" files.
Time to fix the docs...)
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