Re: files are disappearing in git

From: Nico -telmich- Schottelius <>
Date: 2005-11-24 19:46:33
Linus Torvalds [Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 09:20:28AM -0800]:
> On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Nico -telmich- Schottelius wrote:
> > 
> > I've the problem that some files (a directory with 3 files) is simply 'away':
> > 
> > - We added it once
> > - In current tree it's away
> > - pasky aided me in irc to find the commit where it is gone with git bisect
> > --> very nice tool
> > - the commit, after which the directory was gone did NOT modify this directory
> > - though the directory is gone
> > 
> > What should I do know to find out what's the reason git 'forgot' that directory?
> I bet somebody just messed up the index before that commit.

What would be the best things to corrupt the index?
Our developers here do the following each day:

- cg-update
- <work>
- cg-commit
- cg-update + merge if there are changes
- cg-push origin
--> this goes to NFS mounted /home (in which developers also work)
[9:34] klapperwachstum:walderlift% cat .git/branches/origin 

> So the commit 
> probably _did_ modify the directory, though some incorrect patching or 
> some scripting bug.

Hrm, perhaps this is true, though I am not aware _how_ they (two people
besides me) could even manage to do that. Our developers are
Kylix developers under Linux, who are raelly limited to the above
cg-commands and using gitweb for seeing changes.

> If you can guess at all what went on at around that commit (what else 
> happened there?) that might help.

In this commit where specified three files changed. The commit text is not related
to the directory which is missing.

Files changed are


and files missing after this release are


If I select "history" of one of the files at the point it still existed in the tree,
it has only one entry, where it was added.

> Was it a merge?

No, we also assumed that first, but git bisect showed that it is not.

> Is the tree public so that we can look at it and perhaps make a guess from 
> what happened around it?

I am sorry it is not. Perhaps I can convince my boss to allow access to it for
some git developers, so someone could debug it. Thought, every information
found in the tree would have to be treated confidental.

Do you have some other hints on how to debug that? Perhaps some conistency checking

Or perhaps should I put that git directory under cvs? ;-)


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