Re: [QUESTION] Access to a huge GIT repository.

From: Martin Langhoff <>
Date: 2005-11-17 07:01:04
On 11/17/05, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
> The underlying network transfer program, 'git-clone-pack', can
> be told to clone only specified branches.  If somebody is
> interested, updating the 'git-clone' wrapper to use it should
> not be too hard -- obviously this needs to be done for other
> transports as well, though.

cg-clone already does this. One tricky thing with the selective
cloning is that you want to pull the named head plus all its related
objects, and then pull only the _relevant_ tags. There's been
discussion of pulling tagsrefs+related tag objects and then pruning
any tagrefs+tagobjects where the commit is unreachable with the
objects you already have. You surely remember my 'git-rev-parse  is
crashing' thread.

If you just pull tagrefs and all the objects needed for them, chances
are you'll get the whole repo anyway ;-)


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