Re: rsync update appears broken now

From: Junio Hamano <>
Date: 2005-10-21 09:37:50
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> What you _must_ do to fix things up is that _you_ merge your current head 
> with your old head, and then you push out the result.

Yes.  That is what I will do when able (not right now).

I posted a workaround because I am at work and I do not have
access to machine from here, and I did not pull
yesterday at work so I do not have an access to that lost side
branch until later today (I think I still have it in my private
repo, either on my home machine or my ~/git on hera).

> At that point:
>>                -----(A) head merlyn and everybody
>>              /          pulled from previously
>>   --- common ------------------------------------(B) head rebased and pushed
>>                                                      out by mistake

Mind telling me the (A) commit ID if you know it?
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