Scribblings for a cogito/git tutorial

From: Horst von Brand <>
Date: 2005-10-18 01:04:54
I've also been asked around here for a cogito+git tutorial, to that end
I've made up a script that simulates several developers interacting.
Hacking around is simulated by patching, ed(1) scripts (merges don't turn
out the same diff every time), and plain copying new files in. I've set up
a GPG key with an empty passphrase (comment is "Experimental") to have
signed tags, etc. in a convenient manner. The idea is to create interesting
histories (for browsing) and show off the commands in a compact way. If
only there was a convenient way to run a strech of the (bash) script, look
at the results, and then resume...

Comments, suggestions, patches are welcome! 

Repository of the script and supporting files is at
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