LCA2006 Git/Cogito tutorial

From: Martin Langhoff (CatalystIT) <>
Date: 2005-10-17 10:48:09
Good news! Sounds like I will be hosting a Git/Cogito tutorial in the
upcoming LCA2006 (Dunedin, NZ, Jan 25~28). Given that I do have some
significant holes in my git knowledge (no, really!?) I'll be happy if
other git hackers/users are present at LCA and willing to take part in
the tutorial.

Petr Baudis hinted earlier that he might be coming, as did Linus (but
he was hoping for a sponsor, I'm not sure whether he'll be there or
not). Speak up if you'll be there!

I'll post my slides and presentation plan beforehand to the list, to
avoid spreading misinfirmation/bad practices. They will probably be
based on a recent talk I gave @ Wellington Perl Mongers about
swtiching to Git/Cogito:

The feedback (from both non-cogito-users and actual cogito-users) was
that I made it sound too complicated, so the current plan is to focus
on the tutorial part, and leave "under the hood" parts for a rainy day
or for an after tutorial in-the-corridor chat.


ps: lately, about 30% of my emails to git@vger from gmail have been 
dropped on the floor. This is starting to get annoying, is anyone seeing 
similar issues?
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