Re: First cut at git port to Cygwin

From: Alex Riesen <>
Date: 2005-10-07 22:44:07
On 10/6/05, Alex Riesen <> wrote:
> > (a bit too intrusive). The patch fixes only update-index.c (the one I had
> > problems with), there probably are other places were the situation is alike.
> of course there are "other places". Please, try the attached patch instead.
> For the record: the patch is supposed to help people with
> "Unable to write new cachefile" kind of errors.

Just as I thought the situation improved (by closing index.lock and
unmapping index),
it suddenly get worse: now I'm stuck on git-pull.

git-merge-index (called at some point by git-pull) maps the index in, and starts
git-merge-one-file for each (or the given) entry in the index.
calls git-update-index, which wants to update the index. Which doesn't work,
because it's locked by that piece of s$%^.

The only working walkaround for me atm is unlinking indexfile before rename in
commit_index_file :(
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