Re: [howto] Kernel hacker's guide to git, updated

From: Jeff Garzik <>
Date: 2005-09-30 21:15:41
Thanks for all the comments.  I just updated the KHGtG with the feedback 
I received.  Go to

and click reload.  Continued criticism^H^H^Hcomments welcome!

Two items of note:

> automatically.  Running the following one-liner every once in a
> while would sync your set of tags with Linus:
> git fetch origin `git-ls-remote --tags origin | sed -ne 's|^.*refs/tags/|tag |p'`

that's way too long and convoluted to deal with.  Once the 'git fetch 
--tags' changes make it into the official repository (are they there 
already?), I'll remove all the remaining direct references to running rsync.

2) What is the easiest way to obtain a list of changes present in 
repository B, that are not present in repository A?  I used to use 
git-changes-script [hacked cg-log script] for this:

	$ cd /repo/netdev-2.6
	$ git-changes-script -L ../linux-2.6

would display all changes in /repo/netdev-2.6 which are not present in 
/repo/linux-2.6.  This is similar to 'git log master..HEAD', except for 
repositories rather than branches.


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