Re: git push to a local directory with no .git in it

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-09-30 10:05:33
Richard Curnow <> writes:

> I get
> fatal: /home/richard/homepage/git/mairix.git doesn't appear to be a git directory
> presumably because there is no .git in it.

Please don't presume, but dig.

        $ git grep -n 'doesn.t appear to be'
        receive-pack.c:275:		die("%s doesn't appear to be a git directory", dir);

And the lines around there are:

	/* chdir to the directory. If that fails, try appending ".git" */
	if (chdir(dir) < 0) {
		if (chdir(mkpath("%s.git", dir)) < 0)
			die("unable to cd to %s", dir);

	/* If we have a ".git" directory, chdir to it */

	if (access("objects", X_OK) < 0 || access("refs/heads", X_OK) < 0)
		die("%s doesn't appear to be a git directory", dir);

We chdir to mairix.git/, and then try to chdir to .git beneath
it _if_ _exists_; we do not care if the second chdir fails.  So
if you do not have mairix.git/.git, that's OK.  We will stay in
mairix.git/ directory and then set the GIT_DIR there.

If you do not have mairix.git/objects or mairix.git/refs/heads/
then that's when you get that error message.

	$ cd /home/richard/homepage/git/mairix.git
        $ ls -ld objects refs refs/heads

would tell us more.


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