Re: The latest commit to add new keybindings

From: Paul Mackerras <>
Date: 2005-09-26 10:26:49
Junio C Hamano writes:

> Do you actually require 8.4, or any reasonably recent wish would
> do?

Checking in the change from "wish" to "wish8.4" was a mistake - that
was a change I made for some tests, and I forgot to change it back.
However, gitk does need tk 8.4 or later, since it uses the panedwindow
widget, which tk 8.3 doesn't have.  I have tk8.5a2 installed here,
which is nice because it does antialiased fonts, although it is a bit
slower (clock format is much slower because they changed it from being
implemented in C to Tcl).

> With "${1+$@}", you are passing an empty parameter after '--'
> when gitk itself receives no parameter.  Maybe it is intended,
> maybe not...

No, it isn't intended, thanks for pointing that out.

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