Re: first impressions to git

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-09-19 08:09:32
Nico -telmich- Schottelius <> writes:

> [22:29] hydrogenium:git-core-0.99.6% ls git-update-*
> git-update-cache  git-update-server-info
> (v0.99.5, Aug 2005):
> "The first step is trivial: when you want to tell git about any changes to your working tree, you use the git-update-index program."

This is my fault.  The on-line documentation on
always follow what is in the "master" branch that is a bit ahead
of the last released version.

Also, the version number on each of the page does not
necessarily match the version of the software -- it gets updated
to reflect the version of the last update of the doc, so the
pages reachable from git.html show different versions.

But still when you saw us talk about "git-update-index" and saw
you only have "git-update-cache", you could have looked at
git.html documentation page and find out that it says the
command git-update-index was previously known as

>> .git/description is actually a gitweb feature, not a core git feature. 
>> You'd only set it up for public repositories that you want to describe.
> That does not fit to what I see here:
> [22:46] hydrogenium:gpm% git-init-db 
> defaulting to local storage area
> [22:46] hydrogenium:gpm% ls .git 
> branches  description  HEAD  hooks  info  objects  refs  remotes

You two are both right.  Git itself does not look at
description, but just as a convenience it shows where to put
that file if you ever want to publish it from its built-in

>> ".git/remotes" is the current one; ".git/branches" is obsolete.
> Will .git/branches be complety removed later?

That is what the word deprecated usually means.  For now both
are supported.

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