Re: Tool renames.

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-09-16 16:20:45
"H. Peter Anvin" <> writes:

> Urk.  Why do this rename anyway?

The "big rename"?  Or these two environment variables?

The former is because it was brought up by somebody who was
introduced to git not so long time ago (i.e. fingers not so
trained to use the old names and the brain wired to terminology
found in the glossary document) for consistency, with favorable
response from the git list.  The latter is just me feeling that
would make things more consistent.

As I outlined, if you keep using the git-ssh-{push,pull} names,
nothing should break.  They call each other using old names, and
0.99.7 will ship both new and old, so one end having 0.99.5 and
the other having 0.99.7 should not be a problem both ways.  The
same goes for those GIT_SSH_* environment variables -- backward
compatible commands honor environment variables with old names.

> Typically when doing new environment variables like this you do:

Yes that was what we did with the other old environment names,
but I can finally deprecate them in 0.99.7.

Initially I said 0.99.8 will stop supporting the old names
(including git-ssh-{push,pull}) and switch to new names only,
but I could be talked into carrying that beyond that, although I
have not heard any objections for that "dropping" plan since I
initially announced it when 0.99.6 was done.

But I personally prefer dropping the old names before we hit 1.0.

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