Re: Status of Mac OS/X ports of git and cogito?

From: Johannes Schindelin <>
Date: 2005-09-12 09:12:41

On Sun, 11 Sep 2005, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> On 9/11/05, Johannes Schindelin <> wrote:
> > - gitk gets very confused about the window layout. My preliminary tests on
> >   cygwin showed that this seems to be rather a problem of Tk with rootless
> >   Xwin. I worked around it by explicitely stating the dimensions of some
> >   canvas windows which would not automatically resize with their contents
> >   otherwise.
> Can you share that fix? 

I'm reluctant to do it, because it is not really a fix: the layout is 
better, but not perfect (BTW this is the reason I don't sign it off this 
time). For example, the width of the commit message window is not really 
the same when restarting. Worse, the upper part is shrinking with every 
restart of gitk. But anyhow, this is as far as I got to make it at least a 
bit usable:

diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -357,13 +357,13 @@ proc makewindow {} {
 	set geometry(ctexth) [expr {($texth - 8) /
 				    [font metrics $textfont -linespace]}]
-    frame
+    frame -height $geometry(canvh)
     pack -side bottom -fill x
     set cscroll
     scrollbar $cscroll -command {allcanvs yview} -highlightthickness 0
     pack $cscroll -side right -fill y
-    panedwindow -orient horizontal -sashpad 0 -handlesize 4
+    panedwindow -orient horizontal -sashpad 0 -handlesize 4 -height $geometry(canvh)
     pack -side top -fill both -expand 1
     .ctop add
     set canv
@@ -433,9 +433,10 @@ proc makewindow {} {
     # for making sure type==Exact whenever loc==Pickaxe
     trace add variable findloc write findlocchange
-    panedwindow .ctop.cdet -orient horizontal
+    panedwindow .ctop.cdet -orient horizontal \
+	-height [expr $geometry(ctexth)*$linespc+4]
     .ctop add .ctop.cdet
-    frame .ctop.cdet.left
+    frame .ctop.cdet.left -width [expr $geometry(ctextw)*[font measure $textfont "0"]+8]
     set ctext .ctop.cdet.left.ctext
     text $ctext -bg white -state disabled -font $textfont \
 	-width $geometry(ctextw) -height $geometry(ctexth) \

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