[ANNOUNCE qgit-0.94]

From: Marco Costalba <mcostalba@yahoo.it>
Date: 2005-09-11 03:16:33
With the help and feedback from Catalin qgit now support integration
with StGIT:

-Visualization of applied/unapplied patches in main view

-Push/pop patches with a mouse right click on selected items. 
 Push supports also multi-selection. (NOTE: you need a clean tree)

- Commit changes to a new patch or refresh the topmost patch. 
  Commit on StGIT has the same behavior of committing on pure 
  git, i.e. it is possible to chose the single files to commit/refresh.

- Apply/fold external patches through StGIT

Other important, under the hood, improvment is perfromance. QGit is much more faster 
then previous release. On my box it's the fastest tool (not that there are many ;-) ) 
to load the complete git linux tree.

Download link is as usual:

But now there is also a git archive: 

Please use 'cg-clone http://digilander.libero.it/mcostalba/qgit.git' if interested,
git pull currently downloads only empty directories. Peraphs it has to do with curl 
parameters and the settings of the site server but I didn't had the time to look closer.

If you have problems with the sources (Debian users should set QTDIR before compile) 
you can download a binary: http://digilander.libero.it/mcostalba/qgit

Complete changelog below

- added integration with StGIT:
   1)Visualization of applied and unapplied patches in main view.
   2)Interface to push/pop patches by a mouse right click on selected items
     Push supports also multi-selection
   3)Interface to new/refresh patches
   4)Interface to patch import/fold 

- big performance improvements. qgit has been tuned for performance and responsiveness

- updated annotate to show only interesting commits, i.e. no empty merges

- added refresh command by F5 or file->refresh to quick reload archive

- added a setting to disable background load of file names and load only on demand. Can be
  useful in case of big archives and low memory. Warning, browsing of commits and
  annotation function are greatly slowed down

- updated to recent git big rename

- various small bug fixes and GUI tweaks


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