Ugly "git pull .." merge messages

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2005-09-02 17:46:24
Junio, I think this happened when you rewrote the pull/push stuff to do

Lately, "git pull" generates a lot of extra crud in the single-line commit
message, which is annoying because a lot of tools will thus actually not
show enough of the line to be valid.

For example, it used to get rid of the ".git" at the end, and it didn't
bother to say "HEAD". So

    Merge HEAD from

used to be just


which is actually much nicer. It tends to fit in the gitk description

In this example:

    Merge refs/heads/release from

I had manually removed the ".git" (since git-fetch-pack will happily add
it back), so it doesn't have the ".git" at the end of the message, but
instead it has a ref-name that is the internal git path rather than the
path that I actually specified. Now, we didn't use to be shorter, but at
least it used to be more readable, with

    Merge 'release' branch of

(Ok, it's slightly shorter, but not much - but my point is that it's
actually more readable).

Could we get the nicer messages back, please?

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