Re: Multi-head pulling series

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-08-21 04:54:54
Josef Weidendorfer <> writes:

>> 	$ cat $GIT_DIR/remotes/www
>> 	URL:
>>	Pull: master:ko-master pu:ko-pu
>>	Push: master:master pu:pu foo:bar
> Isn't this mixing two kinds of information:
> 1) Some default/persistent mapping of local to remote heads
> 2) The default heads which are pulled/pushed when only giving the remote

I am not convinced myself that default/persistent mapping makes
much sense, and updating the stored mappings dynamically when
the user uses non-default mappings in push/pull as a one-shot
operation does not make any sense at all at least to me.  You
should rather consider that the current specification does not
deal with (1) at all.  The set of default pull/push refs does
not make much sense without mappings for them, so that is what
the file records.

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