Re: [RFC] Stgit - patch history / add extra parents

From: Jan Veldeman <>
Date: 2005-08-20 05:48:32
Catalin Marinas wrote:

> The patch history feature was available in StGIT 0.1/0.2 releases
> where you should have run a 'stg commit' before 'stg refresh'. The
> commit was handling all the history changes, with separate commit
> messages and refresh was updating the main commit with 2 parents. I
> removed it in 0.3 after some people (I think it was Paul Jackson and
> Daniel Barkalow) convinced me that this would make it yet another SCM
> interface on top of GIT, which wasn't really my intention.

I've quickly reread the threads about stg commit. Am I right to assume that
_all_ history was being recorded? Because this is not what I want. The
person controlling the archive should specify when to record the history.

So for example, you only tag (freeze) the history when exporting the
patches.  When an error is being reported on that version, it's easy to view
it and also view the progress that was already been made on those patches.

Best regards,

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