[PATCH] Add git-branches-script

From: Amos Waterland <apw@rossby.metr.ou.edu>
Date: 2005-08-16 06:44:30
For people whose workflow involves switching back and forth between a
lot of branches, it can be really helpful to be able to quickly tell
which branch you are on and which ones are available.  This patch
introduces a small script that when invoked as `git branches' prints a
list of available branches with a star in front of the one you are on:

 $ cd linux-2.6/
 $ git checkout -b ppc64-cleanups
 $ git checkout -b ppc64-new-devel
 $ git checkout -b ppc64-all-merge
 $ git branches
 * ppc64-all-merge

Signed-off-by: Amos Waterland <apw@rossby.metr.ou.edu>


 git-branches-script |    8 ++++++++
 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 git-branches-script

diff --git a/git-branches-script b/git-branches-script
new file mode 100755
--- /dev/null
+++ b/git-branches-script
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+. git-sh-setup-script || die "Not a git archive"
+current=$(basename $(readlink $GIT_DIR/HEAD))
+cd $GIT_DIR/refs/heads &&
+ls | sed -e "s/^/  /" -e "s/  $current/* $current/"
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