Re: [PATCH] Add -k kill keyword expansion option to git-cvsimport

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-08-15 17:12:02
Martin Langhoff <> writes:

> [PATCH] Add -k kill keyword expansion option to git-cvsimport
> Early versions of git-cvsimport defaulted to using preexisting keyword
> expansion settings. This change preserves compatibility with existing cvs
> imports and allows new repository migrations to kill keyword expansion.
> Should improve our chances of detecting merges and reduce imported
> repository size.

The discussion between you and Linus since you brought this up
has kept me wondering if -ko is the only thing people may want
to do, or sometimes -kk or even -kb or -kv make sense for some
others, in which case instead of a -k option that does not allow
anything but -ko, making it take an optional single letter
o/k/b/v might might more sense.  A single -k defaulting to -ko
is fine by me if you did so, because I think that is the most
useful and usual mode of operation while converting to GIT


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