Re: (cogito) Branch offf from older commit?

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2005-08-15 03:03:34
On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Is there (in cogito) a way to  start  a  branch  off  from  an  older
> commit?

You should be able to just use the git commands, and cogito should be 
perfectly happy.

IOW, if you do

	git checkout -b newbranch <starting-point-sha1>

you'll switch to a "newbranch" that was created at the starting point, and
as far as I can tell, this is all very cogito-friendly indeed. So now you
can work in that "newbranch" - commit things, do anything you want, and
all with cogito (ie it's only this one raw git command you need to set
things up, after that you're back in cogito-land).

You can switch back with "git checkout master" (again, I don't think
cogito does the local git branches yet, but once you've switched back
you're golden), and if you're in the "master" branch, you can merge with 
your new-branch with

	git resolve master newbranch "Merge my work on xyz"

or similar.

And always remember "gitk --all", since that's a very useful thing to 
visualize where you are.

> 	-> cg-seek 024447b186cca55c2d803ab96b4c8f8674363b86

No, cg-seek doesn't start a new branch, so the result is "locked". You 
can't commit on top of the seek-point, because the branch you are in 
already _has_ a child of that point.

(Actually, these days cg-seek does use a fixed local git branch for the
seek target, so that's not _technically_ true any more. I suspect Pasky is 
working on exposing the general local branch interfaces)

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