Re: Users of git-check-files?

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2005-08-04 04:00:32
On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> I try to write a "git annotate" based on the output of git-whatchanged. 

You can't. It's fundamentally not doable, because you lose the merge 

So you need to use a combination of git-rev-list _and_ git-whatchanged.

Use the "--parents" flag to git-rev-list to get the parents output for 
doing your own graph, if you want to.

I have been thinking of adding a "follow this file" mode to git-rev-list,
which just ignores all children of merges that used the file directly from
one of the other children. Exactly because then you could have a
git-rev-list that prunes based on filename, and would potentially be a lot
more efficient (not follow the "uninteresting" side of a merge).

I haven't gotten around to it, partly because I wonder if it would be
better as a separate program - even if that would mean that you'd lose all
the cool features of git-rev-list (the ability to limit it to certain
versions, and the ability to sort the output in relevant orders).

Partly because I'm just too friggin lazy.

> P.S.: My only unsolved problem is that git-whatchanged sometimes shows
> the diffs in the wrong order (clock-skew problem?)

Nope, this is a direct result of two branches modifying the same file in 
parallel. There is no "right" or "wrong" order.

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