Re: Dump http servers still slow?

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-07-31 16:51:10
Darrin Thompson <> writes:

> 1. Pack files should reduce the number of http round trips.
> 2. What I'm seeing when I check out mainline git is the acquisition of a
> single large pack, then 600+ more recent objects. Better than before,
> but still hundreds of round trips.

I've packed the git.git repository, by the way.  It has 43
unpacked objects totalling 224 kilobytes, so cloning over dumb
http should go a lot faster until we accumulate more unpacked

Some of you may have noticed that in the proposed updates queue
("pu" branch) I have a couple of commits related to pulling from
a packed dumb http server.  There are two "git fetch http://"
commits to let you pull from such, and another stupid "count
objects" script that you can use to see how many unpacked
objects you have in your repository; the latter is to help
you decide when to repack.

Brave souls may want to try out the dumb http fetch.  For
example, it _should_ do the right thing even if you do the

 $ git clone newdir
 $ cd newdir
 $ mv .git/objects/pack/pack-* . ;# even if you unpack packs on your
 $ rm -f pack-*.idx		 ;# end, it should do the right thing.
 $ for pack in pack-*.pack; do
     git-unpack-objects <$pack
     rm -f "$pack"
 $ rm -f .git/refs/heads/pu
 $ git prune ;# lose objects in "pu" but still not in "master"
 $ git pull origin pu
 $ git ls-remote origin |
   while read sha1 refname
       case "$refname" in
       refs/heads/master) echo $sha1 >".git/$refname" ;;
   done ;# revert master to upstream master
 $ old=$(git-rev-parse master^^^^^^^^^^)
 $ echo "$old" >.git/refs/heads/master ;# rewind further
 $ git checkout -f master
 $ git prune ;# try losing a bit more objects.
 $ git pull origin master
 $ git ls-remote ./.		;# show me my refs
 $ git ls-remote origin		;# show me his refs

Unlike my other shell scripts I usually write in my e-mail
buffer, I have actually run the above ;-).


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