[PATCH 0/9] applymbox updates and assorted trivial patches.

From: Junio C Hamano <junkio@cox.net>
Date: 2005-07-23 09:03:58
(Resend after you said you prefer people resending).

I was experimenting with applypatch and applymbox to see how it
feels like being Linus ;-) and also I saw some trivially correct
patches on the list floating unmerged during KS/OLS.

Since I rebase my repostitory to fix up the history often, I
needed a reliable way to preserve authorship information when I
export the patches via format-patch and slurp them via applymbox.

I am sending the following changes to applymbox and format-patch

  [PATCH] tools/applymbox: allow manual fixing and continuing after a failure.
  [PATCH] git-format-patch-script and mailinfo updates.
  [PATCH] format-patch: --mbox and --check.

I wrote the first one to recover from a situation where an
earlier patch failed to apply but I still had many other e-mails
in the mailbox.

The second one allows format-patch to give ability to optionally
add From: and Date: lines as the first two lines after the patch
title line.  The mailinfo program has been enhanced to grok
Date: in the top part of the message body just like From: in the
message body can override the sender of the e-mail.

The third one is an extra.  It lets me export patches in a
format resembling UNIX mbox, so I can concatenate the output
together and reprocess them through applymbox.

After they are accepted, I will forward these trivially correct
patches I saw on the list, using the enhanced format-patch; they
are expected to be processed with the new applymbox as a
practice; by doing this I am also ACKing these patches:

  [PATCH] debian/ fixes
  [PATCH] Fix a typo in git-unpack-objects documentation.
  [PATCH] Cleanup: git-verify-tag-script
  [PATCH] Install git-verify-tag-script
  [PATCH] Support more http features: https no cert, .netrc -> auth
  [PATCH] Document "curl" requirements.

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