Re: [PATCH] tagger id

From: Eric W. Biederman <>
Date: 2005-07-13 08:15:36
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> Eric,
>  I ended up coding the ident stuff a bit differently, and I didn't do done
> the tag/git-id part yet. Can you check out my latest commit (pushed out, 
> but it will probably take a few minutes to mirror out), and do the final 
> tag stuff based on that? 

For the most part it looks sane.   I'm not really thrilled that
setup_ident() calls die, and when complaining about the user
name we should probably complain that their sysadmin hated
then if it is over a 1000 characters not their parents :)

I'm also not at all thrilled with global variables.  Globals aren't
the source of all evil but they have a lot better claim than goto.
At least real_email and friends are file local.  If you like
it and the code works git is you project and I won't complain again.

Since we are still looking at this there is one change in the user
interface I would like to make to simplify things for the end user.
The only time when GIT_COMMITTER != GIT_AUTHOR is in git_commit_script
when we you are making a new commit based on an old commit. Can
we add a command line option to git-commit-write, --author
that will allow the author field to be overridden.  Allowing us
to get down to a single set of GIT variables for specifying who
the user is?

That also simplifies the tagging case and answers the question 
which environment variables tags should look at, to see who the
user is. 

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