Re: Bootstrapping into git, commit gripes at me

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-07-12 19:07:43
I do want to see various Porcelains to agree on how to store
state information in $GIT_DIR for doing common operations, when
they are conceptually compatible.  The way they handle branches
may fall into that category.  With the barebone GIT Porcelain,
"seek" like operation may simply be done by creating another
branch or tag and jumping to it, so there may not be the concept
of "seek", in which case they may not be compatible after all.

Having said that, I do like the concept of keeping track of
"which development line are we on, and what's most recent in
it".  The way I read your description of cg-seek, you currently
have that information is either in .git/head-name and
.git/refs/heads/<head-name> pair (when .git/head-name exists),
or .git/HEAD.

If you block certain operations while you have seeked to non-top
anyway, wouldn't it be cleaner to have .git/seeked-to that
records the commit ID you are at, which at the same time
indicates that you are in a special situation, and not touching
HEAD at all?  Then .git/HEAD will always have that line of
development information.

Well, that was half tongue-in-cheek suggestion; I have a feeling
that you may feel it is a bit too late to change this kind of
thing easily.

But if we are going to agree on using .git/head-name, I'd rather
see it exist all times, so that cat "$GIT_DIR/head-name" would
always tell us which branch we are working in.

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