Re: Last mile for 1.0 again

From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: 2005-07-05 16:24:23
>>>>> "DB" == Daniel Barkalow <> writes:

DB> [perl script]

>> How does this work, and what do we do about merges?

DB> I've got that part, but I'm not clear on how the rename/copy and complete
DB> rewrite stuff works.

Rename/copy is simply about what files to use when comparing
between two trees.  If you are tracking file F and find that a
commit created that file by renaming what was originally G, then
you compare old G and this F and assign blame for common lines
to the ancestor of that commit (that had those lines in G), and
take responsibility of the rest yourself (or assign blame for
them to other parents).

Rewrite is easier.  If diff-tree -B says it is a complete
rewrite, instead of assigning blame for lines that you are the
current suspect to any of your parents, you take blame for all
of them yourself, without comparing the file with the parent to
assign blame line-by-line.

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