Re: Stacked GIT 0.1 (a.k.a. quilt for git)

From: Catalin Marinas <>
Date: 2005-06-28 20:03:12
Paul Jackson <> wrote:
>> there is no way to modify the log history.
> Aha.  If that means what I think it does, then I suspect I will remain
> with quilt.  The per-patch comment is often about the last thing that
> I put in the patch.

OK, you convinced me :-). I will upload a new StGIT version tonight. I
removed the 'commit' command completely. To add changes into the
repository, you would use the 'refresh' command. There is only one git
commit object for each patch and they can be seen with tools like
cg-log on top of the stack base (i.e. the HEAD of the pulled tree).

There is no per-patch history anymore. The patch diff and information
(description, author name etc.) are indefinitely changeable via the
'refresh' command but only one commit with the latest information is
seen in the tree log for each patch.

To pull new changes from the master repository:

   stg pop -a
   cg-udpate (or whatever people use to pull and merge)
   stg push -a

The 'push' command re-bases all the commits corresponding to the StGIT

Does this make it closer to quilt in functionality?


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