From: Marco Costalba <mcostalba@yahoo.it>
Date: 2005-06-18 20:38:05
Here is qgit-0.6, a git GUI viewer

New in this version:

- added annotate

- added color highlighting to selected diff target

- added color to file list: green new file, red removed one

- fixed locale visualizations

- fixed correct git-rev-list range handling

- fixed center on deleted files in diff viewer

- fixed disappearing files when reloading (nasty one)

- clean up of diff target logic

- added README

You can download from 

To try qgit:

1) Unpack downloaded file
2) make
3) cd bin
4) copy qgit bin file anywhere in your path

Some (updated) screenshots at:

A word on annotate: In file viewer, after a while :-), the file contents will change to show the
annotations. Annotations are calculated in background so it may takes some time to show (it
depends mostly on fetching history patches with git-diff-tree -p ). History is snapshotted to
actual loaded data so peraphs you need qgit to have loaded an interesting amount of data before
calling file viewer.

I think all known (to me) problems should be fixed now. Apart from the new annotate function, a
bit experimental, qgit should be quite usable. 
So if you find some bugs/issues/inconsistencies/ etc.. please drop me a line.


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