Re: reducing line crossings in gitk

From: Paul Mackerras <>
Date: 2005-06-15 21:18:35
Junio C Hamano writes:

>  - What support from the core GIT side would you need if you
>    wanted to let users browse a remote repo?  A way to inspect
>    what is under ".git/refs/" hierarchy on the remote side?
>    Anything else?

I would need git-rev-list, git-cat-file, and git-diff-tree to be able
to operate on the remote repository.

>  - Pasting into the SHA1 field to "Go To" was a nuisance when
>    the field already had a string in it.  Clearing the SHA1
>    field when focus gets in would be one way to solve it, but
>    then you would lose the way to pasting out of that field, so
>    I do not know what to suggest offhand.

I could rebind the middle mouse button to replace the contents of the
sha1 field with the selection instead of inserting it.

>  - How do I "Find" backwards?  Not being able to find a way to
>    do this was the most annoying thing for me.

The "?" key is bound to find backwards (i.e. select previous match)
and the "/" key is bound to find forwards (select next match).  I
don't have a button for find backwards (and I'd rather not clutter it
up by adding one, but maybe I could add a menu item for it).

>  - After typing something in "Find" and hitting <ENTER>, if the
>    focus stays in it and lets me hit <ENTER> again to go to the
>    next one would be nicer.  Somehow hitting <ENTER> again would
>    not do this for me right now.

Hmmm, if the focus stays in the find field then you can't use "?", up,
down, etc.  I could make <enter> do find-next if you like.

>  - Indicaing "Find" wrapping around without annoying the user
>    too much (i.e. I do _not_ want you to add "Find reached the
>    beginning of time, wrapping around and continuing from the
>    top" pop-up window) would be nicer.  Currently I can tell by
>    looking at the scrollbar on the history pane jumping back, so
>    this is not a big issue, though.

I could make it beep - how about that?

>  - Can I have a way to "Find" next commit that touches a given
>    pathname?
>     $ git-rev-list | git-diff-tree -s -r --stdin '<that pathname>'
>    which would give you a sequence of lines that look like:
>        "commit-SHA1 (from parent-commit-SHA1)"
>    you would pick the commit-SHA1 from the output and jump to it.

Interesting idea... I could add a "Path" entry to the find type menu.

>  - In addition to "Find" which looks at the commit message, can I
>    have one that uses pickaxe to find changes?
>  - Can I have an option to use diffcore options to tweak the
>    diff that is shown in the lower-left pane?

Also interesting ideas, I'll see what I can do.

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