Re: qgit-0.4

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2005-06-11 18:01:51
Marco Costalba wrote:

>Here is qgit-0.4, a git GUI viewer
>New in this version:
>- file history
>- command line arguments passed to git-rev-list, eg: qgit v2.6.12-rc6 ^v2.6.12-rc4
>- complete rewrite of start-up thread, should be faster now, expecially with warm start
>You can download from 
>To try qgit:
>1) Unpack downloaded tar file
>2) ./configure
>3) make
>4) cd bin
>5) copy qgit file anywhere in your path
>There are also some screenshots:
>Have fun

thanks to Stanislav Karchebny we have a new scons update, no more

scons: *** No tool named 'qt': No module named qt

here is the link

tested by at least one with the previous mentioned problem, confirmed to disappear.


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