Re: qgit-0.4

From: Marco Costalba <>
Date: 2005-06-11 07:16:23
Radoslaw Szkodzinski wrote:

>Marco Costalba wrote:
>>Here is qgit-0.4, a git GUI viewer
>>New in this version:
>>- file history
>>- command line arguments passed to git-rev-list, eg: qgit v2.6.12-rc6 ^v2.6.12-rc4
>>- complete rewrite of start-up thread, should be faster now, expecially with warm start
>It certainly is faster. However, I have some gripes with it:
>- it doesn't support national characters
>- it doesn't decode dates (author Radosław Szkodziński
><> 1118416741 +0200)

In cogito repository I see:

Author: Petr Baudis <>
Date:   09/06/2005 11:12:40
Parent: 5b46e22e1c6de0dd800effb6136ac713698f98cf


and in the author column the dates are all stripped away. If you can provide me with some of your
stuff I can check what happens with your date and fix also the national charachters.

>- you could run git-rev-list niced, and maybe with --pretty and

git-rev-list is used just to load and parse all the raw data, the output format in bottom left
window is set indipendently of the git-rev-list format. Indeed the format is the same of --pretty
option i.e. without committer information, also if I run git-rev-list --header because I need
committer date to reorder and draw the graph becuse I need the property parent->date <=

>- somehow the program is much slower than gitk and I don't think it's
>caused by qt or C++

I think so the same :-)



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