Re: [PATCH] ls-tree: handle trailing slashes in the pathspec properly.

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2005-06-01 09:48:42
On Tue, 31 May 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I take it to mean that you took my other patch for diffcore-pathspec.

No, I did my own. Rather than add more code to handle '/' as a special 
case, I just removed it all, and fixed the compare logic.

> Here is a fixed ls-tree, with a couple of new tests in an
> existing test script, to catch this bug.

You seem to think that '/' at the end is a special case, and it really 
shouldn't be. It should just fall out as a natural special case of a 
zero-sized name (which is, btw, the same natural special case that the 
path of "" should have in &root_dir).

For some reason your ls-tree.c logic seems to think that zero-sized names
means "root entry", when the _natural_ thing to do is to pass in the "base
directory", and then a zero-sized name is that base.

IOW, it would make much more sense to have

	list_one(struct tree_entry_list *tree, const char *name)
		const char *slash = strchr(name, '/');
		const char *next;
		int len;

		for (;;) {
			if (!slash) {
				len = strlen(name);
				next = NULL;
			} else {
				len = slash - name;
				next = slash+1;
			newtree = tree;
			if (len)
				newtree = lookup(tree, name, len);
			if (!next)
			tree = newtree;
			name = next;

		/* Ok, "newtree" is the last component */

and then call it with

	list_one(&root_entry, full_path)

and notice how the cases of an empty path "" and "xxx//yy" and "xx/"  
just fall out from the exact same logic - a zero-sized name is the same as
the directory it is in. No special cases for slashes or empty names.

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