Re: gitweb wishlist

From: Linus Torvalds <>
Date: 2005-05-25 06:09:51
On Tue, 24 May 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Will fix. This will take another six minutes of testing ;)

Almost eight minutes. Still, the final average was 8 changesets per
second, which sounds pretty damn good to me, actually.

Anyway, I've checked in the fix for the quoting, and I now get the right 
number of revisions, ie

	git-rev-tree $(ls .git/refs/heads/) | wc -l

returns the same "3757" that cvsps reports. 

However, "git-fsck-cache --unreachable" reports 102 unreachable blobs,
which worries me. It's really blobs only, which is strange: it implies
that we did the "git-update-cache" but not a "git-write-tree" (or that the
git-write-tree failed for some reason, but that sounds even stranger,
since we did successfully do all the commits)

The only way I can see the unreachable blobs happening is if one of he
ChangeSet entries in cvsps mentions the _same_ pathname twice for a single
ChangeSet. David, is that possible?

Exactly because it's only blobs, it really does smell like a cvsps issue. 
My scripts always use "git-update-cache --add -- filename", so it never 
creates any blobs _except_ when it adds them to the index (and thus 
write-tree should always pick them up, unless we update the index again 
before the next write-tree happens).

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