Re: SHA1 hash safety

From: Brian O'Mahoney <>
Date: 2005-04-16 23:29:14
Three points:
(1) I _have_ seen real-life collisions with MD5, in the context of
    Document management systems containing ~10^6 ms-WORD documents.
(2) The HMAC (ethernet-harware-address) of any interface _should_
    help to make a unique Id.
(3) While I havn't looked at the details of the plumbing, this is
    the time to make sure we can, easily, drop in SHA-160, SHA-256
    (or whatever comes from NIST) when needed.

David Lang wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Apr 2005, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> * David Lang <> wrote:
>>> this issue was raised a few days ago in the context of someone
>>> tampering with the files and it was decided that the extra checks were
>>> good enough to prevent this (at least for now), but what about
>>> accidental collisions?
>>> if I am understanding things right the objects get saved in the
>>> filesystem in filenames that are the SHA1 hash. of two legitimate
>>> files have the same hash I don't see any way for both of them to
>>> exist.
>>> yes the risk of any two files having the same has is low, but in the
>>> earlier thread someone chimed in and said that they had two files on
>>> their system that had the same hash..
>> you can add -DCOLLISION_CHECK to Makefile:CFLAGS to turn on collision
>> checking (disabled currently). If there indeed exist two files that have
>> different content but the same hash, could someone send those two files?
> remember that the flap over SHA1 being 'broken' a couple weeks ago was
> not from researchers finding multiple files with the same hash, but
> finding that it was more likly then expected that files would have the
> same hash.
> there was qa discussion on LKML within the last year about useing MD5
> hashes for identifying unique filesystem blocks (with the idea of being
> able to merge identical blocks) and in that discussion it was pointed
> out that collisions are a known real-life issue.
> so if collision detection is turned on in git, does that make it error
> out if it runs into a second file with the same hash, or does it do
> something else?
> David Lang

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