This is a Wiki for discussion/documentation of IA64 and Linux. Some off-topic stuff is acceptable, particularly in pages hanging off CategoryHomepage pages.

However, this is a G-rated WIKI. Anything that's likely to cause offence to a reasonable person (That's me, I'm reasonable!) will be removed. In addition, anything added that has nothing whatsoever to do with IA64, Linux, or computing will be removed if it is authored by anyone not in the IA64 Linux community.

Sorry to be draconian, but we've been hit with lots of wikispam whose sole purpose is to raise the link ranking with Google of various commercial companies.


If you want to edit anything, please visit UserPreferences and create an account. Also, it'd be nice if you created a link at HomePages and put a little bit about yourself.

Don't put your email address anywhere directly --- use the MailTo macro as follows:

[[MailTo( fred AT mailhost DOT com )]]

This macro obscures your email address to robots and anyone who isn't logged in, thus helping to defeat the spammers.

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