What are SuperPages

Superpages are large virtual pages used to increase the memory mapped by each page table entry. Because the resident TLB entries then map a larger area, the chance of a TLB miss is reduced.

The TLB forms an address cache to avoid accessing the page table. Superpages increase the relative TLB coverage and reduce the number of TLB misses, which require expensive (slow) address translations. The underlying page frame size and the swap block size remain unchanged. Ideally, one TLB entry maps everything, i.e., everything is in one page and only the first address translation requires a page table lookup.

Superpage sizes will vary depending on the support given by the underlying hardware.

Gelato@UNSW work

Gelato@UNSW are working on Ia64SuperPages. Please get in contact with IanWienand if you are interested in them.

Approaches to Superpages

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