Peter Chubb

If you want the Gory Details, see my /CurriculumVitae.

In brief: I've been working with Unix since 1979, hacking Unix kernels since 1982, and started using Linux with the Manchester Computer Centre distribution in 1989. At that time there were legal reasons not to contribute --- I was, or could be said to be, `mentally contaminated' by seeing AT&T's source code. Fortunately that's no longer an issue, as I now hack Linux kernels part-time for a living with the Trustworthy Systems group in CSIRO.

My personal homepage is at, my work one at

When part of Gelato, I was working on issues of scalability and virtualisation on Itaniu.

Old work is described in /OldWork. Current work is mostly not public, see the TS website.

My publications are on my TS home page.

You can email me at <peter DOT chubb AT NOSPAM data61 DOT csiro DOT au>

I'm now full time with Data61, CSIRO in the Trustworthy Systems group, conjoint with UNSW as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science.


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