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Long Format VHPT and TLB Sharing Patches

Matthew Chapman (<matthewc AT cse DOT unsw DOT au>) has written a series of patches to the standard kernel to support both a Long format Virtual Hashed Page Table (VHPT) and TLB sharing of program text segments.

What do the patches do?

The translation lookaside buffer (TLB) is a cache of the most recently used virtual-to-physical address translations. The page tables are the backing store for the TLB. These patches share TLB entries between processes, meaning less need to look up the translations in the page tables. There are two components to the patches.

Relevant Papers

How can I try it out?

There are two series of Long Format VHPT patches, 2.5.67 and 2.6.0. The later release has been enhanced to consider the real number of processes on the boot machine and to handle NUMA type machines. Due to unpredictable race conditions the Shared TLB patch has not been upgraded.

Release for kernel 2.5.67

Release for kernel 2.6.0


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