Ian Wienand

About me

I now work for VMware

I was a research assistant with Gelato@UNSW. I did many varied things; some systems administration, some bug fixing and some hacking.

My Thesis

I implemented and evaluated SuperPages on Itanium. My thesis is available on-line at http://www.disy.cse.unsw.edu.au/theses_public/08/ianw.pdf

I try to remember writing what I do in IanWienand/Diary (which should be updated via XSLT/RSS/wiki magic)

Email: <ianw AT NOSPAM gelato DOT unsw DOT edu DOT au>


Debian. Once upon a time it was Slackware, but nothing comes close to Debian.


Obviously I play with Itanium's a lot, and I think they're pretty spiffy (and getting spiffier all the time). I also have an iBook that runs both Debian and OS X -- which I like better on it varies daily.

Open Source Philosophy

To paraphrase Alan Cox at linux.conf.au : The quickest way to get anything fixed in the Open Source world is to send an obviously incorrect patch. People will rush to correct you so fast you'll have the right fix faster than you believed possible. I try to never send a bug report without a patch -- and so far it's mostly worked.

I also believe Open Source is about Open Knowledge -- thus I try to document as much as possible. When I learn something I find interesting I try to put it in here.


My bookmarks

I can never remember what I write so here are my bookmarks. Please edit the pages if there is anything completley wrong or misspeled (which is likely on both counts).


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