Notes regarding the October 2006 talk on our page table work, see ICE abstract notes for a starting point

The talk is in disy cvs under papers/gelato_oct06/pti+superpage. The talk needs to discuss our superpage, PTI and GPT work.


Quick breakdown of the talk structure.


After overview, start with a recap of the current state of the Linux page table and its iteration with the rest of the virtual memory subsystem. This gives a point of reference to the work presented in the rest of the talk.

Page table interface


Guarded page tables

Pauls Initial early outline will be here soon

Proposed Structure: ~15 slides
1) Introduction - introductory slide for Superpage/PTI/GPT ~1 slide
2) Superpages - ~6 pages.
3) PTI
4) MLPT 5) GPT



-- Condense intro, too simple for these guys.Get into heavy stuff sooner.


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