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Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb unstable

Cross Compilers

We are keeping relatively up to date cross compilers available for IA64 and ARM targets, from x86 and x86-64 hosts

The Ski simulator: an HP-proprietary instruction-set simulator for the IA-64

Packaged by Al Stone

The Ski simulator is a software package designed to functionally simulate the IA-64 processor architecture at the instruction level. Ski offers an informative, screen-oriented machine-state display and a friendly, powerful command-line interface. Programs may be loaded from disk in executable format; they may be run from start to finish, single-stepped, and break-pointed. Execution can occur in a text-oriented or a graphical user interface or in batch-mode, with no user-interface at all. Both the user-level and the system-level machine-state can be simulated. For user-level execution, Ski will intercept IA-64 Linux system calls and translate them into the corresponding system calls of the host operating system.


(You can also now download this directly from Al Stone's website. The /etc/apt/sources.list line is:

deb ./


This is NON-FREE software: licence at

If you want to manually install it: SkiSimulator

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