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This wiki is for sharing experience with the IA64 Linux kernel and related software, and for discussing high-performance computing using IA64 (IPF, Itanium Processor Family). It is maintained at the University of NSW in Sydney, using the MoinMoin package.

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Note: The Gelato@UNSW project is officially ended. This WiKi will be maintained more-or-less as-is for the foreseeable future; but none of us is being paid any more to work on Itanium or Linux.

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We've been hit with a lot of spam from users with 163 . com and email addresses, and as far as I can tell, no legitimate edits. Therefore I have deleted all user accounts that use either of these mail providers. If you are a legitimate user, please recreate your account --- you'll be asked to confirm by email that you are who you say you are.

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The activities that Gelato@UNSW are involved in are:

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Main topics on this website include:


People associated with IA64 are invited to create a page in our Wiki, and link to it from the HomePages page.

About the Logo

The Gelato Logo was developed by and is copyright to Cyrille Carry. It and variants of it are used here under the terms of the GPL.

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