Kernel patches, and programs being worked on by us are available from our CVS repository.

Current projects include:

For External Users

You may get programs from our CVS server via the anonymous pserver interface

$ cvs login
Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs@lemon:2401/gelato
CVS password:[enter anoncvs]
$ cvs co [project]

For Internal Users

You need an account on Lemon/Eisbock to get read/write access to the CVS Repository.


$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -d co [project]


See CVSRepositoryInternals

General CVS Usage

A Mini How-To written by Felix Rauch. This is only a list of commands and does not explain, what happens in the CVS system. (Myrto Zehnder)


cvs checkout module
cd module

Checkout a new subdirectory of an existing module (the module itself has already been checked out)

cvs co -d newdir module/bla/newdir

To get a specific revision from the repository

cvs update -r REV .
(after that command, "update" sticks with that revision! To reset the sticky revision, do an "update -A" to reset the revision number.)


emacs file1
cvs update .
cvs commit .


emacs file2
cvs add file2
cvs update .
cvs commit.


rm file1
cvs rm file1
cvs update .
cvs commit .


mv file2 file3
cvs rm file2
cvs add file3
cvs commit.


cvs diff -r rev file1
cvs diff -r rev1 -r rev2 file1

Browse log

cvs log file1

Tag a revision

cvs tag REVISION-x_y
(note that the tag sticks with the working copy.
Do "cvs update -A" to reset it.)
(seems to work on current directory and subdirectories)

Delete a tag

cvs tag -d rel-1-1
(seems to remove tag from current working directory and subdirectories)

Further reading:

CVS book

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