Bar Charting with Gnuplot 4.0

Gnuplot is a general purpose plotting engine, that is extremely versatile. However, until recent revisions, it hasn't been able to do really nice bar charts.

In particular, non-numeric labels, filled coloured boxes, and values added to barcharts have been hard to do.

Graham Williams's barchart code generated fig output then mangled it to get something sensible; I (PeterChubb) took the general concepts in that script, and rewrote in AWK to remove some limitations, and to make it faster (not that speed is much of an issue).

The results are that you can put something like this

Proportion of NFS operations
Operation Percentage
getattr 13
setattr 1
lookup 34
readlink 8
read 22
write 15
create 2
remove 1
readdir 3
fsstat 1

into a file called laddis, run barchart -v on it and end up with:


The source is available from the togaware site, or from our CVS repository at*checkout*/cvs/gelato/misc_projects/barchart

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